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Abdomenoplastia is a surgical procedure to take off skin excess and grase tissue excess from the middle of the region and inferior of the abdomen.

Patients with a normal weight and a skin excess and adipos tissue excess are the best patients.

Abdomenoplastia isn't a substitut to reduce your weight, like we treate skin littles wrinkles, too. Loosing skin elasticity who appears together with fatness at mature patients, is another quality that may be improved. When loosing excessive weight may cause the appearance abdominals teguments folds, we can do another procedure named lipectomia.

Because abdomenoplastia ussualy isn't an compulsory surgery, the insurance doesn't cover the expense.

Surgical procedure

Abdomenoplastia is ussualy made for take off the skin excess from abdomen and to tighten the abdominal musculature.

Procedure extension depend by ypur wishes changes and by what the surgeon think that is adequate.

Abdomenoplastia is ussualy made with general anaesthesia and nedd hospitalization. There are a lot of way for abdomenoplastia. The most common procedure is with an incision along inferior abdomen, over the pubian hair. Second incision is made for release the navel from surrounding skin. The skin is take off from abdominal wall until over the inferior margin of the chest. “Droping” tissues from abdominal right muscle will fold to median line and will be tight. This consolidate the musculature, narrowing the waist and make ferm the abdominal wall. Take off skin is pull down, and the excess will be removed.

The surgeon make a short opening for navel and put it to his place. The incisions are tightens and then we put an elastic bandage.

After the surgery you will fell a very small sensation of disconfort and weakness what can be recover easy by medication. The patient will remain hospitalization for 2-3 days with thigh bend for eliminate the pression from abdominal region. The bandage is change before go home.

Patient will wear an elastic bandage at belly region for 2-3 months. Take off the skin fold and fat tissue excess, go to a plat and ferm abdomen and narrow the waist.
Although, the surgeon make all things possible to hide scars, those are permanent, but in 3-6 months will colorate them and will be less obvious.

To allow a adequate recovering you will avoid psysical exercices for 3-4 weeks. When you want to go to work is your decision and depend by recover rhytme and by the way how you will.

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