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EYELID AESTHETICS - Blepharoplastia

It is a method of elimination of skin and fat excess at the level of the upper and lower eyelids ( as well as the “under eye bags”).

The causes of eyelid deterioration are : the process of aging, the sunlight, smoking and alcohol, infections, inflammations, etc. All these confer the physiognomy a tired aspect.

Surgical indications: people above 30-35 years of age.

Not indicated for people suffering of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hyperthyroidism, ophthalmic affections such as retina problems or glaucoma.

The operation is performed with local anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia or narcosis. For the lower eyelids (that are operated for the first time) the incision is right under the eyelashes and it includes both the skin and the muscular area up to the inferior eye rebord. It is removed only the fat that is visible at a slight pressure on the eyeball, otherwise, there exists the risk that the eyes shall look like being sunk in the orbit.

For the upper eyelids the incisions are made in the superior palpebrale groove.

Hospitalization takes 24 hours, the surgical threads will be removed after 3-5 days.

Post – surgery complications

a)Minor pain or local discomfort which cease with antialgics.

b)Bleeding and hematomas as a result of a defectuous haemostasis or blood pressure raising. Cold compresses diminish the redness and prevent bruises.

c)Infections appear extremely rarely – antibiotherapy.

d)Discomfort at the eye level, burning feeling, a sensation of “sand in the eye”, tearing excess. For all these cold compresses and creams are recommended.

e)The asymmetry of the eyelids or the ectropion are very rare and can be solved by another surgical intervention.

Results and costs

The purpose of this surgery is not perfection, but the improvement of the pre-existing situation.

A frontal lifting operation performed simultaneously with the blepharoplastia gives extremely favorable results.

In so far as it concerns the results of blepharoplastia it is the most spectacular operation of facial rejuvenation and it is the first option in obtaining of a new and relaxed aspect of the face.

The results can be seen immediately and they last for 10-15 years.

The emotional and psychological benefits of this surgery are and increased self-confidence and a great personal satisfaction.

Costs : 300-500 EUR

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