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If you are unsatisfied with the aspect of your ears, this operation offers you the possibility of a new look.

The post-surgical results are permanent, the ears shall not get back to their initial position anymore.

The otoplastia is a surgical technique which solves the problem of big, disproportional ears and makes them come near to the head. It also deals with all kinds of congenital anomalies as well as post-traumatic and post-combustion sequels.


The patient or in the case of a child, her/his parents, will sincerely discuss about their expectation and about the psychical state before and after the surgery, having in mind that the results will be an improvement, yet not a perfection !!!

When the dismorphism or the aberation is severe it is advisable that the operation occurs as early as possible, in order to avoid the emotional stress when the child should go to school.

The surgery is performed with local or general anesthesia or in certain cases with local potentate anesthesia.

From the multiple surgical methods most frequently we use the retro-auricular one, which implies the incision of skin and the auricular cartilage so that these can be rebuilt, plicatured (folded) and made come near to head.

After the intervention children can reintegrate their collectivity in about one week and adults can go back to work in 2 or 3 days.

The emotional and psychological benefits of this operation are an increased self-confidence, an improved aspect of the body and a great personal satisfaction as the new look pleases the eye.

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