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•  It is the toxin of a bacteria that produces the disease called botulism.

•  The technique that uses a purified toxin which is produced by the Clastrioliumbotulinum bacteria is also called cosmetic disinervation.

•  When this toxin is injected there are irreversibly blocked the nervous impulses from the nerves to the facial muscles which are responsible for the expression wrinkles. By using this technique, the muscles cannot contract anymore and they tend to relax and the skin above stays flat, stretched, without wrinkles. The facial muscles that is not treated continues to contract in a normal way permitting that the person has a facial expression which is not affected.

•  DYSPORT injections settle the horizontal lines of the forehead, the wrinkles around the eyes as well the vertical wrinkles on the upper lip.

•  DYSPORT is inefficacious for superficial lines on the skin which are not lines of facial expression (chemical peeling and dermabrasion) and for wrinkles on lateral sides of lips which are results of modifications of cheek skin (facial lifting)

•  There are necessary 4-10 injections, without local anesthesia.

•  The complete effect of DYSPORT treatment is not visible for 3-7 days, the average duration of the effect being 6 months with a variation of 3-12 months.

•  Other indications of the treatment:

•  excessive perspiration- it blocks the nervous fibers that stimulate the sudorific glands and so that abolishes the production of perspiration;

•  torticolis spasmodic: doses of 250-1000 units with repetition in 2-3 months.

•  blefarospasm:120 units/eye

•  hemifacial spasm

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