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Definitely depilation with MEDIOSTAR LASER corespounds to German Medical Product Act and the Norms of the European Community EC Medical Device Directive – The producing firm ASCLEPION-MEDITEC AG JENA-GERMANY.

Basic physical principle:the selective photothermolysis in which the energy is directed to the melanin in the hair follicle.

The generated heat destroys the follicle and stops the producing of hair.

Laser depilation can be done for any part of the body where excessive pilosity exists.The elimination of the extra-hair is done depending on its colour, the colour of the hair must be lighter than that of the skin for the laser to be efficacious.

At any moment there will be different proportious of body hair in each of three phases:-anagen-growing


-catagen-transition,so that a complete removal of the hair is impossible without more treatment sessions.

If you have a dark complexion it is advisable to use a bleeching crème on the skin that is supposed to be treated later, for facilitating the focus of the laser energy on the hair follicle yet not on the skin.


After the laser treatment the skin may be red (eritem) and turgid, as after a prolonged sun exposing.In these cases there are recommended cremes that soothe the smarting, plastic gags with cold water or ice for calming down the pain.

Post – treatment sun exposing must be avoided.(for 7-10)days.

The treated hairs can be seen still “growing” on the respective area, for 5-7-10 days after the treatment, after that they fall being deteriorated.( so the process doesn t not represent a regeneration of the hair.)

You can shave these hairs if they disturb you, but do not tear them, do not use pincers or do not use depilation wax as long as you follow the treatment.

Dark hair absorbs the laser energy more efficaciously.

The costs for such a procedure are between 100 EUR and 300 EUR depending on the individual characteristics and on the extension of the area.The progressively diminish with the following 2 sessious.

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