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•  Aging is a natural process which frequently produces wrinkling and lowering of the face skin. The face and neck muscles get weaker and so the muscles lower.

•  This surgery is recommended both to women and men who are unsatisfied with the aspect of their face and neck. By getting older, the skin looses its elasticity and tends to lower/ decay under the action of gravity. This is completed by everyday stress, exposure to the sun, weight losses and especially heredity.

•  Patients who request such an intervention are usually aged 35-75. People who will look good after the lifting, usually looked good before it, too. The lifting makes you look younger, it does not make you beautiful.

•  Operation: The commonly used incisions are made at the level of hairy skin of the head, in front of the auricular pavilion, making a detour of the lobe to reach the area behind the ear with the hairy skin. The removed skin is then stretched and replaced in order to create a new look and cutaneous excess is excised. In order to avoid formation of hematomas, 2 drain tubes can be fixed .

•  After the surgery the face may become a little swollen, but this will disappear in a few days, as well as the minor bruises (echimoses) and hematomss which will be reabsorbed in 2 weeks time.

•  Activity can be resumed after 2-3 days. The results of a facial lifting last for approximately 5-10 years. The emotional and psychological benefits of this surgery are an increased self-confidence, an improved aspect of the body and a great personal satisfaction.

•  The surgery cost amounts to 800-1000 EUR, depending on the complexity of the intervention.

•  The degree of satisfaction of the patient depends on several factors. Realistic expectations before the surgery, the knowledge and acceptance of risks and consequences are the best predictive factors for a successful operation. The aim of this intervention is not perfection, but the improvement of the preexisting condition.

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