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- Name and solicited areas

- The principle of the method

- Type of intervention

- Risks and pre-surgery information

- Post-surgery information (results, duration of the results)

- Costs;

Name and solicited areas

It is one of the most solicited surgical interventions in our country and all over the world that removes the unwanted fat deposits from certain areas of the body: chin, neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, hips and buttocks, thighs, knees, shanks.

Lipoaspiration or liposuction, as it is also called, is not a substitute for weight loss, it a method of body modeling which has to be sustained by a diet and physical exercises.

Lipoaspiration can increase your expectations or your confidence but it cannot change your look completely.

The principle of the method the type of intervention

The extraction of the fat deposits by using some special canulas of different sizes which are coupled to a surgical suction device. In this way is obtained a decrease of the adipose tissues and the result is a permanent silhouette.

The patients must be healthy, with a steady mind and they have to be realistic in their expectations. This procedure does not correct the cellulite, it does not correct the silhouette in a impressive way.

A recently thinned abdomen has as effects an increased moral and determines a psychological ascension in the direction of regular exercise taking and of maintaining one's physical condition.

During the operation there will be made a small incision in the skin (2-4 mm) and the cannula will be introduced in the fat tissue. The “super humid” technique will be applied by the distancy of the adipose tissue with a saline solution and adrenaline in order to tear the fatty network.

Another type of intervention is the lipoaspiration assisted by ultrasounds necessary for the liquefaction of the fats (ULTRASOUND ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION-UAL). This is adequate in the fibrous areas of the body, such as pectorals (breasts), the upper zone of the abdomen or buttocks.

Risks and pre-surgery information

The complications after lipoaspiration are minor, they can be treated and the consequences are almost inexistent.

The local complications can be: the serom, the haematona, the oedema and the infection, or the general complications: tromboflebitis or pulmonar trombembolitis.

A rare, yet possible complication is liquid accumulation (liquids that will have to be drained) or that of excessive loss of fluids that can induce a shock. The patient must have an opinion as realistic as possible with regards to the possibilities of the technique, the intervention and the recovery stage.

In case of women the surgery must not be performed during the menstrual period. It will be postponed in the case of any kind of infections or medical problems (of the HTA type), vascular affections, diabetes, infarct, coagulation disturbances, epilepsy or medicine allergies.

Post – surgery information, Recovery

Patients with average aspirations, under 2 liters can go home within 24 hours.

Where the quantity of adipose tissue was bigger monitoring is compulsory and the hospitalization will last 2-3 days. During the hospitalization will be administrated antibiotics, as well as antitrombotics, antialgics or antiinflammatories, if necessary. After the lipoaspiration some elastic trousers or belts must be worn for 4-6 weeks. This will help the retraction and the uniform distribution of the skin surplus.

An important element which prevents the apparition of irregularities in the areas where the aspiration was performed is the post-surgery massage, which we already initiate during the hospitalization period.

Hematonas and oedemas disappear in the first 3 weeks or maximum 1-2 months; the destroyed tissues and the infiltration liquids are reabsorbed in the same way.

The final result can be evaluated correctly after 3 months, but the normal activity can be resumed, at most after one week.

The number of fat cells in the human body is fix, thus by the elimination of several fat cells their number will decrease. The elimination of fat is permanent and if the volume grease cells increases, the volume will become bigger in the aspirated area as well, but this area will never be as big as it used to be before the operation.

Lipoaspiration is an efficient technique to give you a new body outline with minimal scars.

If you think of having this intervention done please call this number: 0261-763111.


The costs of this procedure depend on several factors, the most important is the difficulty of the techniques that have to be used. The average cost is 100-200 EUR for an area, the abdomen (for instance) has 4 areas.

The cost includes the surgery, the anesthesia, the hospitalization for 24 hours and the medication.

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