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Augmentation Mammoplasty - the enlargement of the breasts

This intervention has the purpose of introducing a prosthesis with a silicon gel, or physiological serum, under the mammary gland, or the great pectoral muscle; and as a consequence the breasts become larger and more aesthetic.

Not all women need breast enlargement, but for many of them this enlargement offers a personal satisfaction.

Each women's decision is based on different reasons and must be taken on her own, based on her wishes and expectations.


-the silicon is a harmless and inert material, it does not cause breast cancer or any another auto-immune diseases. It might delay the presence of mammary tumors.

-the most common complication is the capsular contraction, but it can be treated successfully with antibiotics, if diagnosed in an early stage.

-the surgical incisions and the options of assembling the prosthesis: there are three types of incisions :

a) the incision under the breast, in the inframammary crease

b) the periareolar incision, around the mammary areola

c) the transaxilar incision, at the periphery of the pectoral muscle, under the arm.

The incisions are 4-6 cm long.

After the surgical intervention it is recommended to use ice bags and in the first 7 days please avoid ample and sudden movements of the arms.

•  Results and costs

This intervention is not maiming, the pregnancy and breast-feeding are possible within 3 months after the surgical intervention.

Anyway, before you decide to make this type of intervention you have to be very well informed about the surgical procedure, about the expected results, and of course about all the potential risks and complications that might appear.

Together with the breast enlargement the body becomes well-proportioned and the clothes look better on you.

Many women seem to have a whole new personality after this change, and the most frequent change is that their self-confidence increases.

The costs are between 1,500-2,000 EUR which includes the implants as well.

The surgical intervention for the correction of breasts through an implant is not recommended until 18 years of age, as only at this age is reached 90-95% of the adult size.

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