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The BPS-1000 BLEPHARO PIGMENTATION SYSTEM was used for the first time for the pigmentation of eyelids.

This process represents a simple, yet efficient method of pigmentation with lines, points or of complete covering of a larger area of the skin. The hand-tool, with a ergonomic design, simplifies the micro-pigmentation, through a very accurate control of the penetration depth. The process of pigmentation can be performed under local anesthesia.

•  pigmentation of eyelids
•  pigmentation of eyebrows
•  pigmentation of breast
•  pigmentation of scars
•  pigmentation of lips;

The nominal pulse beam of the pigmentation apparatus is between 3,150 and 15,000 pulses/minute, with a needle penetration of 1.25 mm.

The BPS-1000 Blepharo Pigmentation System allows, by using a simple and efficient method, introduction of pigments into the skin.

Usual names:
•  cosmetic tattoos
•  permanent cosmetics
•  permanent make-up
•  permanent lip make ľup
•  eyes make-up
•  surgical treatment of wrinkles with micro-pigmentation


As against of what existed 15 years ago, nowadays the micro-pigmentation is focusing on the color of the lips, rather than the contour of the lips.

Women want to have well-defined lips, without having to apply lipstick every time. To coloration of the lips is a procedure through which we apply the pigment on the whole area of the lips. The first color of the lips, obtained immediately after the implantation of the pigment, shall fade after 6-8 weeks, when it is necessary a retouch the desired color.


Represents a major factor , in the symmetry of the face. The procedure involves application of pigments, in order to imitate the presence of the eyebrows hair (featuring strakes).

Micro-pigmentation of the eyebrows is used to replace the eyebrows that have become thinner due to aging or to make existing eyebrows more defined.


It is make through implantation of the pigment at the end of the eyelids, and this it is not necessary to apply make-up every day.

After this procedure we obtain a line which increases the vitality of the eyes, without creating the impression of too much make-up around the eyes.


Many types of wrinkles/scars that are caused by burns or a surgery, can be now treated with micro-pigmentation.

The procedure needs many applications, for a period of 3-12 months, in order to finish it and to obtain best possible results according to the patient's wishes.

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