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Breast Reduction - the reduction of the breast

Some women present a series of subjective and objective signs, which are caused by exaggeratedly developed breasts.

Thus, they accuse pain of the neck, back or shoulders because their breasts are very large.

•  How is made the operation :

•  General anesthesia

•  We have to do 3 incisions: one-around the areola, another goes down perpendicular to infra-mammary crease, where we have to make the third incision.

•  It has to take off the mammary glandular tissue excess, fat and skin, then the areola to make an ascent in right position estimation.

•  The post-operator scars (those three remains) will recover and their color shall fade in time; their correction in time is sometimes in benefit.

•  Post-operator complications:

-the hemorrhage and the hemathomes; it is necessary drainage 1-2 days.

-the infection; it is necessary antibiotic therapy

-coetaneous necroses parcelars

-sensitivity lose from nipples or breast.

•  Post-operator treatment :

The bandages and dressings will be taken off and replaced after 2 days, after which the patient will have wear permanently medical brassieres for 6 weeks until the inflammation and the scars disappear. The threads will be removed after 12-14 days.

Activities that do not involve physical effort can be carried out again after a few days, sexual relations shall be avoided for one week because the sexual excitation may cause the inflammation of the incisions.

Physical activities have to be avoided for 6 weeks because as this helps recovery of the scars.

l Cost of this operation is between 1,500-2,000 EUR, taking into consideration the followings: the difficulty of the operation, the urgency and the procedures made on case to case basis. The cost includes anesthesia, operation, hospitalization and post-operator treatment.

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