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The dynamic process of loosing hair is called effluvium or deffluvium and the resulting affection is alopecia.

Baldness is a complex aesthetic problem and creates complexes.

The loss of hair is due to many factors: aging, genetic causes, hormonal modifications, scar-alopeciae- after burns or traumas.

The operation is not recommended for patients suffering from lupus eritematos, flat licheu , foliculitae or sclerodermiae, blood diseases, cutaneous TBC.

The surgical therapeutic options in case of hair loss are:

•  hair transplant (micro and mini- plegia)

•  strip-grefting

•  expandation

•  rotated lambouri

•  combined procedures

Hair transplantation offers the patient a permanent correction.

The donor zones are located in the occipital or temporal areas and the implantation in the receiver vertex zones or the parietal region is done by means of grefts containing 2-3-4 hair follicles placed at a distance of 0.3-0.5 cm one from another so as not to imperil vascularization.

The vertex may be covered with larger grefts that contain 4-6 hair follicles.

The strategy of placing the grefts, their directioning according to the desired hair-cut, represent very important aspects in obtaining the desired aesthetic aspect.

The patient can easily wash her/his hair on the third day after the operation, without rubbing or removing the crusts.

After the operation the hair enters into a rest stage, the transplanted hairs come off the bulb and release the root, forming a stable hair after the first two months.

After a period of 2-4 weeks the transplanted hairs come off during the process of accommodation to the new conditions of vascularization, and after that they resume the normal growing process.

In order to obtain good results it is necessary at least one more stage /session/ of transplantation.

Hospitalization takes 24 hours.

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