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Performed through processes of “filling up“ wrinkles and “skin rejuvenation”, with various laser apparatuses.

•  Skin aging is the consequence of the physiological aging and of the internal and external factors.
•  The responsible factors are :
1) heredity and genetics
2) environmental factors, the sun (UVA, UVB) and the climate
3) eating habits (alcohol, malnutrition and also very rich alimentation)
4) tobacco

•  Skin marks which are the results of aging (the skin becomes sensitive, dry and fragile).
1. Formation of small wrinkles, especially around the eyes;
2. Expression lines become more prominent, especially between the eyebrows;
3. Physiological grooves deepen (falling down of the lips corner)
4. Emergence of white hairs.


•  Implants with collagen.
•  ZYDERM (horned cattle origin, purified , sterilized)

There are necessary 2-3 sessions of retouch, at one month interval, in order to obtain a satisfactory correction, 70% of patients need periodical retouches at about a 3 to 12 months period, and in case of 30% of the patients the implant persists up to 18 months.

Maintenance of the correction varies from person to person, and depends on the person's lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, stress, sun exposure) on the depth of wrinkles, their placement and presence of ptosis.

The collagen, which contains local anesthesia, is injected with a thin needle in the skin depressions that are treated (depending on the depth of the wrinkle).

Four weeks before the procedure it is made a sensitivity test in order to determine whether the patient is sensitive to the implant.


The hyaluronic acid is a polisacchariol of the conjunctive tissue that has an important role in hydration and vasoelasticity of the skin.

-at the surface –superficial wrinkles - RESTYLANE FINE LINE 200000 part./ml.
-average wrinkles -RESTYLANE 100000 part./ml
-in depth: -deep wrinkles –PERLANE 8000 part./ml

Perlane is used in case of deep wrinkles, for the face contour, increase of lip volume. It is injected in the deeper layers of the skin and upper part of the hypoderm using a technique called multi-puncture. It is avoided! Supracorrection, Massage of the area (for a few minutes).

For the additional treatment we need a smaller quantity of Perlane and Restilane than for the first procedure.

The hyaluronic acid is present in the skin and in other tissues; its chemical composition is similar to the sugar.

In the treatments based on Perlam and Restilam it is not necessary to test the sensitivity of the patient, as against the collagen.

The NASMA particles from PERLAM and RESTYLAM have a size which depends on the structure of the tissues from the area under treatment.

Frequent use of PERLANE and RESTYLANE are: correction of folds, wrinkles, scars, nasal folds (between the nose, mouth and cheek), horizontal lines (upper forehead), frawn line (lower forehead), the lines around the mouth, as well as the “marionette lips” –lip size.

Restylam prices are from 180 EUR, Perlam prices are from 325 EUR.

Implantation technique:

-multiple or traced points technique,


-NEW FILL (polymer of the lactic acid)


NEW FILL –injected in the wrinkle confers a slight fibrosis to the skin

-it is bioresorbable and biodegradable, its is reabsorbed within 3 years (30% per year) and its is not toxic at all.

-it is not of animal origin, thus it can injected without testing

-it treats both superficial and deep wrinkles, it van also be used for volume corrections (augmentation of skin depressions)

Indications for NEW FILL are: -increased volume of deepened areas, especially for correction of skin defects, such as wrinkles, grooves, scars, or correction of defects emerged during the aging process.

•  Lip contour –in the skin at 1 mm from the red lip line (max. 0.1 ml for each line), beginning with the central part down to the corners.

•  Filter –to highlight the crests of the filter it is injected in deeper areas –0.1 ml for each line)

•  Fine wrinkles of the upper lip: injected in a small quantity and superficially, one drop along the wrinkle line then it is massaged energetically.

NEVER inject superficially in the red lip. There is the risk of formation of white, hard nodules, that are sensitive to pressure.

•  Correction of perioral area –it is not necessary to trace each wrinkle. The newly created collagen shall expand the tissues and thus stretching the skin.

•  Recommendations:

-the patient shall massage the treated area for 10-15 minutes every day, for one week. After the injection it is recommended to apply ice compresses.

-the number of applications varies on the depth of the wrinkles; 1, 2 sessions in case of superficial or average, up to 3 sessions in case of deeper wrinkles.

-the optimal period between two sessions is about 4-6 weeks.

-average consumption for one area is one flacon per session.

-Correction achieved with NEW FILL is natural in all aspects, and it is due to stimulation of collagen synthesis. The newly synthesized fibers correct the lack of substance and give a new aspect to the skin.

-The long lasting effect is ensured by the tissue division time of NEW FILL which is 18 months. The treatment shall be repeated only after 1.5-2 years, depending on the quality of the newly synthesized collagen.

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