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Private Clinic ELISESTET work since 01.08.2003, result of SC ELISMED SA, Satu Mare, Lucian Blaga Street , N 0 UU 5-7, Satu Mare , ROMANIA , and work in conformity with romanian legislation. Starting 01.08.2008, at exactly 5 years from its foundation, the clinic moves its permises in Satu Mare, Lunca Sighet St. no. 2, having as its administrator, dr. Teodor Mihali.

Location and Clinic Structure

The space of the Clinic is 140sqm in a villa, on Lunca Sighet St. no2, near to the Titulescu park.

The front of the Clinic is composed : reception, two rooms consultation and treatement, 2 beds ward, nursing room, own laundry, kitchen, thermic central and own sterilization, toiletts for patients and personal separattely.


Surgery rooms are dotated with surgical instrumentary, aparature and last hour furniture.

The Clinic has 2 Laser nr.1 in Europe, one for definitely depilation MeDioStar who correspond with German Medical Product Act and with EC Medical Device Directive-company producing is ASCLEPION-MEDITEC AG-SENA Germany and the second BEAUTY STAR 532, for littles veins, varicous, pigmentation injury. Teleangiectazia, angioma and haemangioma etc.

For pigmentation of eyelid outline, lips, eyebrows, areola mamelonary, scars, we use ultraperformed system BLEFARO BPS-1000, company POLYTECH SILIMED Germany, at which we adapted dermabrassion piece with remarcable success in refinising of skin, for smooting of fine face wrinkles, accnea, removing benignes tumors, scars.

Outline modelation has the most modern aspiration canule type FINESSE, atached to a LIPOMATIC aspirator.

For general anaesthesia we use SATURN EVO aparature, company MEDEC BENELUX from Belgium , edition january 2003.

The 3 wards contain wash basin , television, telephone and 2 beds + aferent wardrobe.

Aferent personal

Team colaborating with manager Clinic TEODOR MIHALI, primar doctor, is follow:

1 anaesthesia doctors DR. NICOLAE BRANISTE, 2 assistents DOINA BENEA si MARIKA SZOLOMAYER; one nurse VIORICA PLETT and an accountant contabil-economist LENA BOTA.

Work and program

Monday until Friday between 14 00 -18 00 .

If you would like an appointment or details about surgery , call us at :

Phone/fax : 004 0261 763111
Phone: 004 0361 424242
Mobile phone: 004 0743 046737; 004 0771 282015

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